Going green

Going green

Posted: 22.01.2016 16:36 by Mikael

Going green

After some time and planing I finally found a good solution to my temperature problem on my server room in my apartment.
I am moving all my services and servers in the virtual world. Why are you doing this you may think? Well, there are many reasons why i should do this. First of all it is much better for the environment to make servers virtual. The other reason for it’s more secure if something breaks or hardware issues. 

Like the picture illustrates. If you run your storage on a network storage device and run 2 ESX servers you have the abillity to move the hosts manually or automatic if hardware on one of the ESX serves fail. This results in uptime and stability.

In my case i am moving all my services from my router to a vmware cluster like this solution where a virtual machine represents 1 of my services (web, sql, ..).

Next step in my operations is to set up a mirrored solution on another location with a round robin effect.

If one of the solutions goes down the other one will take the traffic. In the picture above you can see an typical round robin setup.
I am going to change mine up so it will not send visitors to a server that does not respond.

Will have you guys updated.