i3 Window Manager

i3 Window Manager

Posted: 30.11.2015 19:05 by Mikael

i3 Window Manager

I have just discovered the magical world of i3wm.
There is even a own reddit subgroup called /r/unixporn where it is strongly represented.

After some time i wanted to test it out for myself and did fiddle around with it on my old laptop at home.
I liked it so much i decided to install it on my laptop at work and i regret nothing!

I3wm is good documented both from /r/unixporn and on there official site.
Since i have installed it on my work laptop i have decided not to include the dotfiles and my configuration files for my work setup.
Don’t want any basefarm internal information going out to the public.

Here is some screenshots with non work related stuff.

I am using a triple screen setup at the moment.

Here is the screenshots for every screen as shown above.

Left Screen

On this screen i am running 3 terminals. 1 with htop, 1 with a bash clock i made and 1 terminal with the IM client for communication. 

Middel Screen

On the middel screen i use for webinterfaces or websites.

Right Screen

On the right screen i am running a twitch stream on the top left and on the top right i am using a terminal based spotify client for them smooth beats. At the bottom part of the screen i have a terminal i use for configurations, server connections and all the main work i normally do.