Freshing up

Freshing up

Posted: 26.09.2015 21:45 by Mikael

Freshing up

It’s time to take the website in to a new era.

The site has been pritty ugly for some time and the work it takes to redo everything takes time.
So i am removing all the fancy bullshit on the old site and building things up again.

The new design is more blogish and url’s are more cleaner.
As you can guess i am converting the page to a blog. Atleast that is the plan, we will see how it ends.

Soo, how am i doing?

I have started working for a hosting company called Basefarm in Oslo, Nydalen.
Here i am working as a Operation Technician. Have worked at basefarm for 3 months now and i am loving it so far.

The good thing about converting the page to a blog is to work on my english spelling and typing skills.
Parten my dust if the english is all fucked up.